Audit of an advertising campaign

What if there are no sales: a lot of money and time for marketing does not work? Audit of the advertising campaign will help to identify weaknesses and errors of contextual advertising, advertising in social networks, banner advertising, and other advertisements of your web resource. Setting up all elements of advertising on the Internet is a time-consuming, carefully thought-out process. The slightest error leads to loss of potential customers and loss of profits. To prevent this, use the detailed instructions on how to adjust your advertising by ordering an audit service for an advertising campaign in the Genesis Group.

Why you need to audit an advertising campaign

There are several main reasons that motivate a leader or an entrepreneur to audit an advertising campaign:
1. Time goes by, and advertising on the Internet does not pay off, sales are absent or low;
2. There are no conversions, registration, activity of users of the site, site traffic;
3. Use independent analysis to monitor the work of an SEO specialist or agency.

The task of audit of an advertising campaign consists in the complex analysis and an estimation of efficiency of advertising in the Internet. Advertising audit service includes:

• Analysis of the structure and settings of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct accounts;
• Compliance with the SEO site rules, landing page search engines;
• Settings and marketing activities in Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Telegram and other channels (e-mail, SMS, etc.);
• Usability audit. Perhaps the reason for the decline in site conversion or low sales is its inconvenience to users;
• Web analytics and attendance check. Only with accurate data can you achieve a high result.

It should be noted that Internet advertising has one unique feature - it is absolutely transparent, because each of its individual indicators can be accurately measured. As a result of the professional audit of the advertising campaign, you will receive recommendations for the elimination of identified problems. This information will help to optimize the marketing processes, give an understanding of what strategy of the advertising campaign will work, help reduce advertising costs and get new customers.

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Where to order audit of an advertising campaign

Since the main work on the analysis directly affects the search engines Google and Yandex, the audit of the advertising campaign should only be commissioned by a certified specialist. Taking into account the huge number of subtleties and pitfalls in Internet marketing, the future performer should have considerable experience in this field. This will save you from waste and lack of results.
Genesis Group provides quality IT services since 2008. The accumulated experience allows us to assert that you will certainly get the maximum possible result from the ordered audit from the Genesis Group.

The following audit campaign packages are offered:

• Audit of contextual advertising - from 400 UAH;
• Audit of SEO promotion - from 600 UAH;
• Audit of advertising in social networks - from 400 UAH;
• Audit of banner advertising - from 500 UAH;
• Other types of audit - payment on the dignity.

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