Contextual advertising - perpetual sales engine

Conversion of site visitors or your resources in social networks to potential customers is the main goal of contextual advertising. The main function of any advertisement in creating a wow-effect: to be concise, memorable, stimulating to action.

Contextual advertising appears on the user's request, which indicated its need for a specific product or service by writing a search query in the search box of Google, Yandex, or other search engines. As a result, contextual advertising in comparison with other types of advertising messages is most effective. However, the independent placement of advertising leads to a "drain" of the budget and its inefficient use. The professional Internet advertising agency Genesis Group guarantees effective management of the advertising budget and achievement of the set goals and sales volume.

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Stages of creating contextual advertising

The large-scale process of creating an advertising campaign on the Internet must be entrusted to experienced professionals who know the whole "kitchen" of Internet marketing. Basic scheme of work of IT-specialists upon receipt of the order:

• preliminary analysis of your site and competitors;
• Identify the target audience and compile a work plan and a list of the necessary tools;
• creation of advertising messages, which include text announcements, banners, slideshows, video announcements;
• optimization, testing and monitoring of advertising;
• Providing detailed reports to the customer.

The work of Genesis Group's specialists in contextual advertising management consists not only in planning and optimizing advertising, but also in the need to achieve specific goals - the cost-effective cost of conversions, the sale of goods or services through a site or social network, an increase in the number of users of the site or social groups. Also, statistics show that we need quality work to eliminate negative keywords. Non-targeted requests "eat" from 20 to 60% of the total budget. Also, it is always necessary to track the sites where the ads are displayed, the devices on which it is displayed, and the target audience (its interaction with advertising and behavior is already on the site).

An obligatory element of the correct setting of contextual advertising is the tracking of conversions, sales and useful user actions. Effective management of contextual advertising will help reduce advertising costs by 2-3 times while increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

Approximate prices for contextual advertising

The company's specialists constantly improve their knowledge and implement new tools, technologies, and services. The price range for the creation and implementation of contextual advertising in the Genesis Group has some of the best indicators in the market in terms of price / quality / efficiency. The work is carried out exclusively with an individual approach to each customer. The company offers several types of packages, designed for a different budget (starting from 5000 UAH per month). All kinds of "buns" in the form of bonuses from Google are also provided (each client is offered promotional codes for the amount of 900 UAH to 1500 UAH).

Effective contextual advertising is the professional management of the budget, the rates, the search for the target audience, the rejection of inefficient advertising messages, the constant painstaking work to reduce the cost of conversions and increase the profit of the customer. To order contextual advertising from professional specialists, call today - (044) 379-10-10 or (067) 511-53-33. Also you can order a call back or write to an e-mail:

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