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to the needed level
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  • With financial guarantees
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Context advertising
Google, YouTube, Gmail context advertising with clicks, conversions, orders and rings payment
"Basic" pack - from 5000 uah\month
"Starting" pack - from 6250 uah\month
"Serious" pack - from 8750 uah\month
"Confident" pack - from 11250 uah\month
"Swift" pack - from 15000 uah\month
"Champion" pack - from 25000 uah\month
Promotion to the TOP 10
Reaching the TOP-10 search result positions by web-site
"For perspective" pack - from 5000 uah\month
"Moving start" pack - from 6250 uah\month
"Good start" pack - from 8750 uah\month
"Active" pack - from 11250 uah\month
"Ambitious" pack - from 15000 uah\month
"Fast to the top" pack - from 25000 uah\month
"TOP-1 application" pack - from 37500 uah\month
Web-site promotion in the social networks
Individual complex approach to resources management, and solutions by advertising on the web
"Startup boy" pack - from 3500 uah\month
"Serious" pack - from 4800 uah\month
"Best" pack - from 7500 uah\month
Complex promotion
Complex web-sites management for maximum and necessary result achievement
"Complex products promotion" pack - from 20000 uah\month
"Complex services promotion" pack - from 15000 uah\month
"Complex brand promotion" pack - from 37500 uah\month
Context advertising
Promotion to the TOP 10
Web-site promotion in the social networks
Complex promotion
Individual web-site
Unique web-site development
Landing Page development - from 3000 uah
Business card web-site development - from 3500 uah
Web-site development by individual task - from 5000 uah
Corporative web-site
Effective business presentation and promotion
Basic level corporative web-site - from 4500 uah
Middle level corporative web-site - from 6500 uah
Corporative web-site by individual brief - from 8500 uah
Web-site for online sales, including products organization and filtering, ordering and payments applying
Catalog development (without cart) - from 8000 uah
Standart web-store development - from 15500 uah
Big web-store development - from 25000 uah
Mobile apps development
Designing, developing, testing and publishing mobile apps
"Fast Start" pack - from 20000 uah
"Business" pack - from 27500 uah
"VIP" pack - from 35000 uah
Mobile apps development
Individual web-site
Corporative web-site
Web-sites and apps additional work
Web-sites and apps additional work
Design finalization - from 2500 uah
Layout finalization - from 1500 uah
Software finalization - from 3000 uah
Content finalization - from 800 uah
Mobile version finalization - from 1800 uah
App finalization - from 12 000 uah
Abonent service
Web-sites and apps abonent service
Site hosting - from 560 uah\year
Domen registration - from 320 uah\year
Articles and news writing - from 2000 uah\year
Web-store filling - from 3000 uah\year
Copywriting for web-sites
Promotional and presentational materials writing
News writing - from 70 uah \ 500 symbols
Articles writing - from 140 uah \ 1000 symbols
Rewriting - from 40 uah \ 1000 symbols
Site verification for uniqueness - from 800 uah
Social networks management
Individual complex approach to resources management, and solutions by advertising on the web
"Startup boy" pack - from 3500 uah\month
"Serious" pack - from 4800 uah\month
"Best" pack - from 7500 uah\month
Web-sites and apps additional work
Abonent service
Copywriting for web-sites
Social networks management
Web-site audition
Website audit up to 5 pages - 400 uah
Website audit from 5 to 100 pages - 800 uah
Big website audit from 100 pages - from 1200 uah
Advertising company audition
Contextual ads audit - from 400 uah
SEO promotion audit - from 600 uah
Social networks ads audit - from 400 uah
Banner ads audit - from 500 uah
Video-instructions creation - from 200 uah\piece
Trainings - from 500 uah\hour
Teaching online - from 250 uah\hour
Digital marketing consultation - from 400 uah\hour
Social networks consultation - from 400 uah\hour
SEO or advertising consultation - from 400 uah\hour
Web-site audition
Advertising company audition
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Completed projects
Happy clients
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  • Наш клиент Укрфасадбуд

    Web-site «by key» development and promotion on the internet (SEO) for building company "Ukrfasadbud". Contens-support. Site based on the Joomla CMS. Since 2009. Updated in 2016, moved to the MODx CMS.

  • Наш клиент Format

    Tiles, plumbing and finishing materials web-store development «by key». CMS MODx. Promoting on the internet (SEO, context ads, Facebook, Instagram promotion). Since 2016.

  • Наш клиент Latuk

    Web-site «by key» development - from the idea till the realisation. Internet promotion (social networks, context ads, banner ads, Skype, Viber, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram promotion). Since 2016.

Our clients
Why us?
and control of cost
You exactly know how and why we spend your money. You can always find out how the work progresses, at what stage we are and what has already been done.
Result summary
Comes mounthly
Each month, you receive a detailed report on the work done, where all expenses and tasks are scheduled.
Making projects
Of any complexity
We carry out projects of any complexity - whether it`s a business card site, an online store, or a completely new on the market mobile application.
Result guarantee
By clients deal
The guarantee of the result is spelled out right in the contract - we are not afraid to take responsibility for the upcoming work.
  • Vladislav Nikolaenko
    Startup founder
    Отзыв от Владислава Николаенко
    I turned to the guys to promote my startup. To get results it was necessary fast enough, therefore shoveled many sites before making my choice. I`m glad that I stopped on them, because the cooperation was absolutely happy. From the very beginning, they showed themselves as professionals, even in what I was not quite elected to put on the shelves. Largely thanks to them, we jumped so quickly. We cooperate even now. Many thanks and my recommendations!
  • Anna Grishova
    Shop director
    Отзыв Анны Гришовой
    I ordered the development of an online store in the company, thinking that the process would be stretched for several months, if not more, because this is a big project! But already in a short time I was given several variants of design, it was very difficult to choose among which were all so good! After the completion of the development, I immediately got access to the control panel, and the content manager filled the store, taking into account all my wishes. The result is very satisfied!
  • Oleg Listovoy
    Отзыв Олега Листового
    When I opened my business I did not know how to attract customers? I applied to the Genesis Group for promotion of the site, and soon I had to move to the bigger office! The site of my company instantly bypassed competitors, the work was done quickly and efficiently! I recommend if you need a good and timely result!

Web-sites development and promotion

Integrated management of Internet sites to achieve the maximum and necessary result is the main task of the web-studio running Genesis Group. We raise the sales of our Clients to the required height - professionally, reliably, with financial guarantees.

Website development is a whole complex of activities, and each of the stages in this business is extremely important for achieving the desired result. That is why it is worthwhile to entrust the development and promotion of a good web-studio site, where the professionals of their business will perform their duties as qualitatively as possible.

The development of a website from the "zero" includes the definition of the structure of the site, the creation of a technical task, the development of design, if needed - creating a corporate style or logo, correct layout and software development of the website, including setting up the CMS, testing and placement of the website on the server, the creation of marketing content and the content of the site, as well as complex promotion and promotion - all these processes are performed with the utmost care and quality control. And before that, of course, the peculiarities of your business, its advantages and disadvantages, the analysis of the competitive environment, as well as the traffic of competitor sites, the compilation of a semantic kernel, and a map of the relevance of the site was compiled. Competent specialists realize all your desires and ideas - and you will certainly be satisfied, because work is done not on a budget or a term, but only on the result.

As a result, due to following a certain order of web site development, as a result, the client has a quality project that correctly operates and performs the tasks assigned to it, and the performer is another excellent project in his portfolio. It is because of the observance of the correct methodology and adherence to the principles of work, The web studio can guarantee the expected result of the work, and even make it even better.

To start cooperation, you do not need to understand any aspects of development or implementation features, the web studio specialists will conduct a full consultation and explain what they are doing and why. We also provide audit services for your website, in order to conduct tests and find errors that interfere with your progress in the search engines.



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