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Sooner or later, you may encounter some problems in the functioning of your web resource, the drop in positions in search results, a significant decline in sales. Updating the site will help to eliminate these difficulties and resume effective work.

Services for the development of sites (site) are necessary when the following questions arise:

• If the site, blog, forum, landing page is not stable, and the existing online store will bring the expected results;
• It is necessary to introduce new functionality, update old modules, CMS (site management systems) or there is a desire to remake the site completely;
• It is necessary to speed up the work of the site or reduce the load on the server;
• It is necessary to facilitate the search for information necessary for clients;
• It is necessary to radically change the design in order to correspond to new trends;
• Requires mobile version or its improvement, elimination of its malfunctions;
• Enhanced capabilities of statistical tools, analytics, accounting systems or a warehouse management program are needed;
• It is necessary to adapt the site for mobile devices: tablets, smart phones, mobile phones.

These tasks seem complicated, but for experienced developers, nothing is impossible.

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Site development (Kiev)

Any Internet resource, regardless of the means and labor invested in it, loses its relevance over time. Even with an integrated approach to its creation and cooperation with worthy developers, eventually, the development of sites and site will be required. It's all the fault of regular updates to the requirements and standards of search engines, the tireless development of the Internet, the gradual "aging" of content, as well as tough competition.

Take advantage of the professional services of IT professionals. Versatile testing of your Internet site, Genesis Group specialists will draw up a technical task with the full amount of work to optimize, correct or completely redesign the site.

To keep the site in the lead and have a constant increase in traffic and sales, the maintenance of the site must be dealt with constantly. Ideally, every six months to conduct a comprehensive audit in order to avoid serious errors in the functioning.

Variation and cost of revision of sites

Creation, promotion and development of sites are the basic directions of work of Genesis Group. For quite a long time of successful work in the field of web services, the company entered the international market, received certification from Google and Yandex, and implemented an impressive number of successful projects for well-known companies.

After analyzing the available resource, having listened to individual requirements, a highly qualified team will correct mistakes and "bugs" made by site developers will implement all your wishes.

Approximate prices for revision of sites, site:

• Finalization of the design - from 2500 UAH;
• Finishing the layout - from 1500 UAH;
• Completion of the program part - from 3000 UAH;
• Finalization of content - from 800 UAH;
• Completion of the mobile version - from 1800 UAH.

To order the revision of the site (sites) today, please call: (044) 379-10-10 or (067) 511-53-33, or write to us by e-mail:

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