Modern SEO or a brief market capture marketing plan

Современное SEO - краткий маркетинговый план захвата рынка

Clients with old sites that have fallen in the issuance of Google or Yandex often lose sales and potential buyers. Many site owners assume that the case in SEO - were in the TOP-10, then fled the position and now no sales. In fact, the problem is deeper - as a rule, in the absence of goals, the marketing plan, the mechanisms for its implementation, and, most importantly, the team capable of implementing all the changes. Modern SEO is not just a summary of key phrases in the TOP-10, today modern search engine optimization (SEO) processes include the implementation of a full marketing marketing plan.

If you own an online store or a site selling services, you need not only positions in the TOP-10 in the search for Google and Yandex, but also the expansion of sales channels: an increase in the number of sites where your products are sold, the expansion of advertising channels - the better your products are visible. the potential buyers, the higher will be sales. Also, automating business processes and expanding services for potential customers is crucial: for example, you and your managers will save a lot of time cross-posting to social networks (cross-posting goods to your online store on Facebook or VKontakte), adding and expanding payment methods ( starting with payment by card, payment and lending in one click, payment by parts, various widgets for capturing a potential customer, ending with payment by bitcoins and other currencies of the world). At the same time, promotional offers widgets will allow you to generate primary sales faster and launch a secondary sales mechanism. But for all this, of course, you need to understand all your business goals and goals.

In the person of our company you will find a team capable of studying your business, decomposing everything on the shelves and proposing an effective plan for its development. As a result of implementing all our recommendations, we guarantee that your sales will increase many times and you will seize the necessary market share. If you are ready to work hard and hard at work with us to develop your own business, then read on a brief "marketing cheat sheet" on the key points of implementing modern SEO - optimally optimizing your Web resources to find and locate them with your potential customers on the Internet.

The cost of modern SEO: the price will please you

Below, we answer the eternal question: what to do, how to live further? And how much it costs. Here it is - that extract from our many years of experience, that brief marketing plan for market capture (with specific figures, services and examples).

1. The first stage is preparatory. Usually takes 1-1.5 months. Among the preparatory works:

  • audit of the resource - we find out the problems in the 4th areas: 1) the marketing component includes the quality of information, the availability and quality of the mobile version of the site, the correspondence of the reality of prices, the declared information about services, etc., 2) layout and programming errors, 3) state of SEO, 4) content errors (old information, incorrect, overestimated, understated marks in articles, descriptions, etc.). In essence, a work plan is being prepared for the complex transformation of the site;
  • to form a semantic core (as your users are looking for your products, services, according to Google and Yandex statistics);
  • convert the site structure to real queries (under market demand), convert site materials, meta tags of all texts, alt for images.

According to preliminary estimates, in the first month for small Internet shops and service sites we are investing in the transformation of content and preparatory work into the budget of $ 150-400 (subject to the prescription of meta tags for the main category, goods, writing or processing of all texts). We proceed from a simple calculation: preparatory works and optimization work for $ 1 per page. With a landing page - a separate story, single-page sites do not move on key phrases, but are often used as the basis for getting lids - customer contacts, usually we go straight to the second step when working with a landing page. In more detail, you should count on the fact of working with pages: sometimes, you get smaller budgets, sometimes we just make discounts at large volumes of work.

At the same stage, we perform other optimization work:

  • setting up a sitemap (drawing up the correct category map and a separate sitemap for pictures, indexing daily or hourly);
  • elimination of duplicate pages (if necessary, setting up redirects);
  • closing of external links from indexing (the same links to social networks, so that the weight does not go away from the pages);
  • the organization of correct linking on the site (usually it is simply not available on many sites);
  • setting import-export to and from 1C (creating rules for cron);
  • increasing the speed of the site load (reducing the weight of pictures, compressing scripts, eliminating unnecessary or unnecessary requests to the server, etc.);
  • Other work, which will be more detailed in the contract.

Usually it takes 7 to 20 working days for optimization work. We fit into the budget of $ 150-350.

TOTAL for the first stage should be invested in $ 300-750 with all the works. The amounts will be updated upon the fact of work with each page (there may be less). Results - prepare the site for a strong leadership in the TOP-10 in Google and Yandex, eliminate the existing errors.

2. The second stage is the active promotion of the site. At this stage, work is mainly with external sources:

  • purchase of reference mass on exchanges (perpetual, rent links, articles, content links) and behavioral factors (transitions to your site from blogs, social networks, forums, YouTube and other resources) to increase the credibility of the site in the "eyes" of search engines;
  • Set up work with satellite sites (Google +, Google My Business, organize the right store on Facebook and perform other actions);
  • necessarily organization of work with marketplace (Rozetka, Prom, AllBiz and others);
  • The Internet store is also set up on Facebook, VKontakte;
  • setting up the import of goods (cross-posting in social networks);
  • other works under the contract.

In fact, we organize sales not only through SEO, but in general - in a complex.

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In our understanding, modern SEO is the organization of various measures to increase the sales of goods and services of our client, and not just output to the TOP-10 on the right phrases. And for this you should do all that is necessary. At the second stage of active website promotion, the budget consists of several components:

1) the budget for links (perpetual and rent) - usually for online stores from $ 80-200 per month and more. It depends on the number of key phrases and the competition for them. Approximately the traditional budget for links in $ 150-200 for 30-50 key phrases;

2) budget for work with marketplaces. Everyone has their own conditions: who has an annual subscription fee, someone has a percentage of sales and the like;

3) other works (for example, shooting video clips in support of services, goods, individual website improvements, marketing activities, etc.), in this case, the budget is formed according to the terms of reference;

4) our work is estimated at a budget of $ 150 per month at this stage.

In terms of the second stage it takes from 1-2 months to 6-12 months - depends on the tasks and scope of the site, the competition for TOP-10 on key phrases and other parameters.

The results of the second stage - your resource in TOP-10 + significantly expands the number of sites for sales and sales increase.

TOTAL: for the second stage we go to the budget from $ 300-650 per month. The result is an increase in sales through the retention of the site in the TOP-10 for key phrases + expansion of sales channels and sales growth.

3. The third stage is the retention of positions. Setting up other advertising channels (contextual advertising, advertising in Viber, advertising in Skype, advertising in social networks, banner advertising, crowdarketing, PR articles, E-mailing, SMS and other channels). Also we are at this stage of social network: Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn. Be sure to set up tracking on the advertising channels - that is, a full monitoring of the effectiveness of each channel. Including if necessary we set up a virtual PBX to substitute phone numbers and call order forms, send requests to the site depending on the channel on which the user came to the site - that is, a potential customer from Google search has come to see one or two phones on the site for a call and a form with the necessary identifiers, showing which channel worked; came a man from Facebook - he sees on the site are already other phones and forms with other identifiers.

This makes it possible to fully monitor the effectiveness of the work of one or another advertising channel, as well as the efficiency of your managers' work-whether they picked up the phone or not, records conversations with your potential customers, and there is the possibility of downloading and analyzing such communication. As a result, you will accurately understand who and what works effectively.

At this stage, the budget is usually for each channel of advertising from $ 250-300 per month (taking into account our work). It should also add costs for tracking (monitoring the effectiveness) of advertising channels (about $ 100-150 per month). And possible other payments (for example, payment for the services of the communication provider Zadarma, Kyivstar or others providing a virtual PBX for use).

TOTAL: at the third stage we go to the budget from $ 500-700 per month and higher (if you use 2 or more channels of advertising). The result is an increase in sales through the expansion of advertising channels and audience coverage.

A detailed marketing plan for SEO in a tabular form, with specific terms of implementation, objectives, cost of implementation and planned results at each stage, we compile for our clients at the beginning of work (after the conclusion of the contract and prepayment).

Important conditions for the implementation of modern SEO

To start work on seizing the market, we always ask our client to determine the goals to be achieved, and with real budgets that are ready to be allocated for promotion. Otherwise (without planning results and costs), it will not be modern SEO, but a waste of time and money.

And one more thing - it's important to work together with us. We do not work with "sofa entrepreneurs" who give $ 500 or even $ 1000 dollars for advertising and are expecting more than the results, we do not work with "poor entrepreneurs", offering only a percentage of the business (although we can take a share investors, but only in projects with a return of more than 25-30% and our full control of costs and revenues). It is necessary to understand a simple truth: you can not turn your attention to web-resources every six months. On your part, there must be a responsible person who will be constantly on call and will solve all current issues together with us (providing access, prompt processing of payments, agreeing texts, page layouts, providing photos and a lot of other working nuances).

Only in this case we will be able to quickly implement all the necessary mechanisms. Only in this case we guarantee that modern SEO will give an opportunity to grab the necessary market share in a few months.

We are looking forward to long-term cooperation. Write and call us today!

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