Complex site audit

Competition among web resources is gaining momentum to attract and retain the target visitor, the owner needs to be confident in the reliability and quality of the site. Site audit - its comprehensive research by competent experts, this is a detailed analysis of the project for the absence of critical errors that hamper development and reduce its effectiveness. As a result of the audit of the site, you can improve the technical condition, convenience, quality of filling your Internet resource, and attract additional traffic and increase the number of leads - to increase sales of goods and services.

Why you need to audit the site

Now there is no longer a question: why do you need a website, because, being a leading multifunctional business tool, its availability has become a necessity. But just having a website "for a tick" or giving it complete independence of existence means not using this tool to the fullest. As in any offline business, the web-sphere needs control, as well as periodic check-ups with compilation of actual reports.

Statistical indicators are horrifying: a web resource loses up to 60% of potential customers due to incorrect SEO settings. Up to 90% of users can leave the site without buying a product or ordering a service because of the lack of convenience in working with the site, the required services or the mobile version. About 30-80% of users leave the site due to technical problems.

Comprehensive site audit is an independent evaluation of its performance with a detailed description of the result of the analysis and useful recommendations. It makes it clear that it affects the attendance and loyalty of your customers, and includes:

• Identification of technical errors in layout and programming;
• Compliance with SEO rules - optimization of sites, pages to search engines;
• Analysis of indexing in search engines, determining the causes of slow loading;
• Analysis of the conversion of the web-resource - all mechanisms for generating sales;
• Usability-audit - convenience for users;
• Visual presentation - how attractive and relevant for potential customers information on the site.

But the audit of the site is appropriate not only because of its poor performance. Through the audit of the website, you can get a detailed report on the work of the contractor, who is engaged in the maintenance or promotion of the site.

Order service

Who should order a site audit?

Genesis Group is a company whose main activity is the development, maintenance and promotion of sites. Having a huge experience in successful site building, a highly qualified team of "Genesis" knows what requirements must be met by a quality, demanded and profitable web resource.

Genesis Group to audit the site of any level, with any number of pages, having received information on each page.

Estimated cost of services:

• Audit of the site up to 5 pages - 400 UAH;
• Audit of the site from 5 to 100 pages - 800 UAH;
• Audit of a large portal from 100 to 500 pages - from 1200 UAH;
• Audit of a site, an Internet store with a volume exceeding 500 - 1400 UAH and more (depending on the number of pages and language versions).

If you want to get a modern, convenient, optimized site, order an audit of the site from the Genesis Group.

Detailed consultation on all issues of interest, the final cost and the order of services can be obtained by contacting: (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or by e-mail: Write and call, we are waiting for your order!

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