Contextual advertising and its setting

Contextual advertising setting

Using the Google Ads application (AdWords as old) from the relevant search engine, you can customize contextual advertising. A company is being created - first you need to choose the location of the advertisement:

  • Search Network
  • CMS (Display Network).

In the first case, the ad is shown at the top when the search results are given for a specific query. When choosing a KMS, ads are displayed among the content on the specified sites.

Next, you need to choose a location: here's a wide selection of settings that allow ads to be advertised in the country, city, or region you want, if any. You can also set up exclusion locations within one country or city, for example.

Next, Google Ad will ask you to select the languages ​​of the request. For Ukraine it is recommended to use Russian, Ukrainian and English languages, which we often use for search queries and designations of terms.

For beginners, when setting up contextual advertising, it is important to devote to the next stage - a budget per day. Here is an allowable number that you can use as a payment for advertising. At the beginning of the company's launch, it is advisable not to put some overstated figures, since in most cases they will go blank. This figure can be changed at any time, therefore it is possible to start from 250 UAH. In the budget setting, the type of display - standard and accelerated - will be offered. The first means that ads will be displayed evenly throughout the day using a given budget; The second tells the system that the show will occur continuously, until the end of the funds - this can happen at any time. Having not studied the activity of the audience on the queries of certain goods / services, it is recommended to put a standard type of display.

Bets Here, the user is offered to choose a pay per click, conversion, or conversion value. When choosing a conversion, the system will charge a fee for the leader (the visitor who has made the necessary targeted actions - made an order, bought, called, subscribed). Using the conversion value, the system will analyze the clicks and raise / lower the bid to bring the most effective lead. For ordinary users, all this may seem complicated, so the old one uses a pay per click with a maximum value of 10 UAH for the start.

This is all that contextual advertising requires to customize it in a simple way. Further there will be a number of settings used by professional contexts, and in the absence of knowledge, it is better to follow the advice of the system, which is indicated by the word "Recommended".

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Can I customize contextual advertising myself?

We only talked about the basic settings and only the advertising company (RK), and this is just a shell. Next, you need to set up ads that have even more subtleties. Independent setup is possible for a person with any experience, since Google took care of all the tips - enough to read and everything will be clear, for which every option is used, but ... You quickly set everything just to quickly lose everything.

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Contextual advertising Google tune in to Genesis

In order to study the main nuances of online advertising, it will take months and a large budget stock. The most insulting thing is that you can not do without empty spending, since all the literature and videos tell only the basics, and they practically do not help to protect themselves from mistakes. To prevent this from happening, we offer you to order contextual advertising, its customization in the IT company of Genesis. With great experience, we guarantee to our clients that all investments will bring at least a double income.

Genesis’s proven approach to advertising on Google and other channels over the years works exclusively to achieve profit for our Clients. To order the calculation of advertising on our formula, call right now:

+38 (044) 379-10-10


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Or send your request through the feedback form. A personal meeting is possible in the office, where our specialists will be ready to talk with you over a cup of coffee or flavored tea. Call and come, we are waiting for you!


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Advertising management fee 15% of the budget strong>, but not less than 4000 UAH\month, 10% of the budget strong>, but not less than 10,000 UAH\month, 8% of the budget , but not less than 27,000 UAH\month,
Advertising budget with a budget of up to 45,000 UAH for advertising per month with a budget from 45001 UAH to 300000 UAH for advertising per month with a budget of 300001 UAH for advertising per month
Promotional gift +2000 UAH
(in account currency)
Site audit and setting up an
advertising account
Customize Google
Analytics, Goals and
Advertising account management
Optimization of the list of
key phrases
Optimization of banner and
media advertising
Optimization of bids and cost-per-click
Creation and maintenance
of dynamic campaigns,
remarketing campaigns
Creation and maintenance of product campaigns
Installing the necessary
codes and tools on the
Creating new campaigns,
searching for new
Selection of placements in
in the network of Google partners and
mobile applications
Campaign management
and remarketing separately
for each audience
Continuous monitoring
of site availability
YouTube Advertising
Optimization of target
pages of a site (SEO)
by Google's rules
Enhanced protection
against climbs
and competitors
Scaling up advertising
to other countries
Localization of advertising
and messages in the
required language
Development of a unique
product offer,
stock, discounts
Partial transition to
payment for the result of
the total of 6 months of advertising
  1. The required number
    of hits immediately after the test period
  2. Fast and economical
  1. 2-5 times increase
    in number of downloads
  2. Lead growth dynamics
    + 10-20% monthly
  3. Increase in conversion
    rate of sales to sales up to 5-12%
  4. Budget savings on
    promotion from 15% to 35%
  5. 1.5 times cheaper than
    your specialist
    on a bet
  6. There is an opportunity
    to optimize taxes
  1. TOP 1 in search
  2. Increase in the number
    of hits in 8-10
    and more times
  3. Lead growth dynamics
    + 15-30% monthly
  4. Increase in conversion
    rate of sales to
    sales up to 12-30%
  5. Reducing the cost of
    contact for 20-80%
  6. Budget savings on
    promotion from 25% to 60%
  7. Comprehensive
    accompanying advertising
    marketing campaigns
  8. 2.5 times cheaper than
    content of your
    department marketing
  9. There is an opportunity
    to optimize taxes
Launch advertising Launch advertising Launch advertising

Bonus 2000 UAH on advertising from Google when ordering ads before the end of this week!


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