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In the world of smartphones use more than 5.5 billion people, and this is actually two-thirds of the total population. Moreover, 14% of all Internet users go online exclusively from mobile devices. That's why the development of mobile applications is now very much in demand. Mobile applications can solve many issues: learn information, improve gadget performance, just communicate, earn money and much more. But to find an intelligent mobile application developer is not so easy.

Mobile application development services are provided by various IT companies in Ukraine, trying to develop unique software that will attract more potential customers to their product or service. However, some prices are high, then the testing process is completely absent, while others have a permanent failure to implement the deadlines or a very poor implementation of application functions.

In the person of the Genesis Group you will find reliable partners in the implementation of mobile applications of any complexity. Working in the market of web-services since 2008, we have accumulated enough experience to conduct all the processes for the development of fast, high-quality and at a reasonable cost.

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Why you need a mobile app

Mobile applications are stand-alone software products that are developed for certain mobile systems (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). The development of mobile applications is equally useful as a startup project, and already developed business.

In both cases, the mobile app has beneficial properties for every business:

• Increases sales of goods and services - no person leaves home without a mobile phone, which means that you and your business, in the literal sense, are always in your client's pocket;
• Strengthens the level of loyalty of potential customers - no more discount cards that are so bored and never fit their quantity into organizers and wallets. The loyalty program from now on in the smartphone of each of your customers;
• The quality of communication with your brand of all customers increases many times - with the help of push notifications you have the opportunity to notify in advance about new promotions, personal offers, discounts, thereby unobtrusively reminding yourself;
• The probability of re-purchase increases several times, because after placing an order on the site, the client closes it and leaves, and the installed application always remains "in the pocket" with individual user settings.

Thus, you can absolutely accurately say that competent development and skillful management of the mobile application makes it one of the most powerful, unique marketing tools, increasing sales of goods and services.

Where to order the development of mobile applications

One of the key factors during the choice of the performer is the availability in his arsenal of a large range of services or products. This indicates a great potential, as well as an integrated approach to work. Genesis Group has been working since 2008.

The development of mobile applications is an individual service, the cost of which depends on the functional set of application characteristics. For example, the application of the base level and high quality of implementation will cost the price of a good site - approximately from $ 700-1000. The application of the "business level" will cost from $ 1200- $ 1500. The application of VIP class is evaluated individually (the price starts from $ 1800- $ 2500 and above).

Specialists of our company will help in designing, developing, testing your application and launching it in various stores (iTunes, Apple Store, Google Play and other venues). Also our experts will promote your mobile application on popular resources and provide advertising among users of the application. All the work is guaranteed for 1 year. We work qualitatively and in strictly specified terms.

If you would like to order the development of a mobile application, do not hesitate, call us right now: (044) 379-10-10 or (044) 379-10-10, or write to, via the feedback form or in a chat. We will help you conquer the mobile-market!

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