Development of mobile applications for Android

Development of mobile applications for Android

Mobile phones have become a part of our life. It is difficult to find a person who would not have with him the means of communication. At the same time, smartphones are no longer used only for calls. Thanks to them, there is useful information, purchases are made, orders are made. That is why the development of mobile applications for android is a unique opportunity to expand the scope of your business and attract more potential clients, while remaining always close to them.

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Most of the information we draw from mobile phones. It is much more convenient for a potential buyer to use the application to select a product or service and place an order for it. In addition, it will eliminate the need to have a business card with you in order to clarify the phone number or address, all the necessary information will be in the mobile version.

Today, a large number of companies specialize in creating websites and applications, and sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable option. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to such aspects as the experience of specialists, the presence of clients who were satisfied with the work done, an individual approach and features of pricing. It is the latter that can play a decisive role.

We do not set the frame and do not offer a price list. In the event that the client orders the development of mobile applications for Android, the price is determined only after assessing the amount of work and the time available. Accordingly, the cost of a simple mobile version of the store with a list of services and price list will cost you much less than a full-fledged online store with the ability to place an order online. The work includes the full development, design, creation of design, as well as the subsequent promotion, testing on the largest sites, registration in directories in accordance with the direction, and advertising. All this ensures that the work will bring positive results over the next year.

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Development of mobile applications for Android

In order to promote your store / service / product to the masses, mobile application development can be used, Android as the most common operating system, would be the most profitable option. You can use the service at any stage of business development or promotion. This gives the following advantages:

  • It is possible to increase the degree of confidence of potential and regular customers. You prove to users that you care about their comfort and do everything to make the search for your service or product as easy as possible.
  • Allows you to reach a greater number of people, among whom there are necessarily those who need your product or service. This greatly increases the likelihood of sales growth.
  • It becomes much easier to communicate with customers. No calling, extra costs for banners and advertising. It is enough to organize the newsletter, so that all users know about the best deals. It is worth noting that other operating systems are gradually receding into the background, so for services such as the development of mobile applications, android is the best option, taking into account future trends.
  • Once using your servant or purchasing a product, the customer no longer needs to keep the business card in the wallet. It is enough to open the application. This increases the likelihood of re-treatment.

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The company Genesis Group began its activities in 2008. During this time, not only vast experience was gained, but also a large number of grateful clients. Over the hundreds of completed projects, ongoing maintenance of sites, their promotion and promotion. We do not abandon our clients, we do everything to ensure that our work brings tangible results.

We are trying to keep up with the times, so we are confident that when ordering such a service as mobile application development, Android will be an ideal option. Almost the entire mobile phone market operates on this OS, which means that your application will have a huge number of users, which will necessarily bring results in the form of revenue growth.

The company employs experienced programmers, designers, copywriters, analysts. We are ready to conduct a full analysis of the activities, determine the target audience, its requirements, tastes and needs, and based on this we will create an application that will attract customers.

It is worth noting that the experience of specialists allows you to perform any work, so if you need a service such as the development of mobile applications, android, as an operating system, is not the only option. We are ready to consider your wishes and propose solutions.


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