Development of mobile applications in Kiev

Development of mobile applications in Kiev

The emergence of the latest models of mobile phones gradually leads to the fact that users increasingly access the Internet from their phones, without using computers and laptops. This trend must necessarily be taken into account by the owners of online stores, companies offering any services. For the same reason, the demand for such a service as mobile application development is growing, Kiev and guests of the capital can seize the opportunity and increase the influx of potential customers.

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What gives the service

Mobile applications are programs designed for specific operating systems. There are no templates or price lists. If the region of residence of the customer who needs to develop mobile applications, Kiev, the price will be determined after assessing the task during a telephone conversation.

Properly developed service provides the following:

  1. Due to the fact that telephones are always at hand, your offers will also be always available to potential customers.
  2. Increased trust in you as a company that pays attention to customer convenience.
  3. The level of convenience of communication with customers is growing. All sorts of push-notifications, mailings, messages about promotions and sales will now immediately reach customers, increasing the frequency of response.
  4. The application is not lost. It always remains in the phone, which is not the case with business cards, discount cards and booklets. So, it increases the likelihood that the client will apply again for the product or service.

Thus, the service significantly increases sales and expands the customer base.

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Mobile application development: Kiev and regions

There are many companies specializing in such services as the development of mobile applications, Kiev is no exception. But not each of them is ready to give guarantees of a positive result of the work done. At the same time, the cost of the service sometimes reaches very large numbers.

Without accurate analysis of the task, strict compliance with the requirements and deadlines and subsequent testing, the mobile version may not bring the expected result. Therefore, you need to trust the process experienced professionals.

The company Genesis Group specializes in website development and subsequent promotion since 2008. The staff includes only highly qualified specialists, each of whom performs a specific task. The distribution of work reduces the time of order execution and improves the quality of the final result. Therefore, we guarantee that using such a service as the development of mobile applications, Kiev and guests of the capital can be sure that the price will match the quality.

The cost of service consists of several factors. It depends on the features of the functional. At the same time, thanks to the capabilities of experienced professionals, each customer can choose the option that is optimally suitable both in price and in form. At the same time, development work does not end there. After that, our experts perform the launch and subsequent testing at various sites. In addition, the service includes promotion and advertising. We are confident in our work, so we guarantee that your application will really become popular and bring profit.


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