Maintaining a group in social networks

Every second, a lot of information appears in groups, public places, pages in social networks. And, it would seem, that it can be easier - upload a photo, attach to it plain text and likes / reposts / comments are provided. But managing a group in a social network is a much more time-consuming, responsible and thought-out process.

A constant reminder of your existence should pass unobtrusively, interestingly, with the benefit of your subscribers. A monotonous, irrelevant, meaningless publication will, sooner or later, cause negative feedback from the audience and, as a consequence, its withdrawal (unsubscribing). Proper filling of accounts of social networks is the loyalty of your audience and, as a consequence, direct and secondary sales of goods and services.

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Promotion in social networks

According to research, the average person in his life spends almost 3,5 years on social networks. This situation must necessarily be used for commercial purposes. Realizing this, many companies create groups, accounts, brand pages that offer goods and services. However, even with a large number of pages and accounts, sales from social networks, as a rule, do not please: fans of these resources are needed. And it's usually not enough to put your products or services on the network.

Briefly, to lead a group in a social network, you need:

• Regular publication of new publications;
• Constant communication with subscribers, quick feedback.

At first glance, nothing super complicated. But it should be borne in mind that fresh publications should be published regularly, and their content should be relevant and unique.

In addition, the subject of posts should be optimally distributed, so as not to get bored, and the content should be unique and relevant. This means a constant search for non-standard ideas, quality content optimization, tracking new trends and audience needs. All these actions are better planned - create a content plan (which topics are relevant, when to post, how to promote).

Develop a content strategy and implement it independently, of course, you can. But it is worth remembering that managing the group in social networks is a thought-out strategy of promotion.

Therefore, we can not do without outside expert assistance: we necessarily need an expert in the management of groups in social networks.

Maintaining a group in social networks: the advantages of managing a specialist

Genesis Group will help you manage accounts on social networks. Services for the management of groups in social networks, as well as direct and indirect advertising are provided as quickly as possible, confidentially, and efficiently.

Conducting sites and groups in social networks from the Genesis Group is an individual, integrated approach to the promotion of resources, as well as holistic solutions for managing an advertising campaign on the Internet. The following basic service packages are provided:

• Package "Start-up" - from 3500 UAH / month;
• Package "Serious" - from 4800 UAH / month;
• Package "Best" - from 7500 UAH / month.

We use advanced technologies, constantly improving. Our managers will always help to create a contrete plan, marketing promotion strategy, to set up direct advertising in social networks.

Where to order the conduct of a group in a social network

To order the management of groups in social networks or direct advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other large social resources, call us: (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33, e-mail: You can also use the feedback form, a quick reply is guaranteed.

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