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Deep technical analysis of the site - an audit of SEO will show answers to a number of questions. The most important of them is whether your resource is ready to work as a business tool to bring customers from the Internet and, as a result, generate good profits. SEO-audit can be conducted both before the beginning of advertising on the Internet, and already in the process of contextual advertising, website promotion (SEO) or other advertising. If several months of optimization and SEO work have passed, the site's active advertising, and the result is not - the site's positions in the TOP-10 Google and Yandex for keyword phrases have not been reached, advertising the site does not bring the required level of sales and is not profitable, then the SEO audit will show why the site is working badly.

Why you need to order an audit of SEO

Often, unscrupulous optimizers or advertising agencies send only reports with incomprehensible data, where it is difficult for a non-specialist in IT to understand. SEO audit from Genesis Group is not only the analysis of the site in four areas: audit of the software part, imposition for mobile devices, the state of SEO and marketing analysis (including the visual part - the design of the site, its convenience and the quality of information), but also complete clarification of each phrase in the audit and reports of SEO professionals.

What is the status of search engine optimization (SEO), whether it is possible to run advertising for the site, whether the website is made well, how well the site looks on mobile devices, why sales from the site do not grow, why advertising does not work - if the owner site begins to ask yourself these questions, it means that you need to order a professional audit of SEO today! You can not delay, otherwise you will lose even more money and nerves. Refer to the experienced SEO-practitioners from the Genesis Group, who will conduct a full analysis of the site. Qualitative audit of SEO is a plan of works on elimination of all defects on the site, the implementation of which will maximize the results that the site owner expects from the work of his resource.

The SEO audit service includes:

• Analysis of the structure of the site;
• Checking the technical part (programming, layout);
• Assessment of the status of SEO - the implementation of rules for marking text, photos, products for search on Google, Yandex and other search engines;
• Assessment of the content component - the semantic core, the relevance and quality of texts, multimedia, graphics;
• Usability-audit - identification of difficulties in interacting with the resource of your visitors;
• Availability of an adequate mobile version of the site;
• Traffic analysis - real site statistics and growth dynamics of all its pages;
• Search for an optimal solution to problems identified during the audit.

This is a list of basic audit items that can be supplemented depending on the tasks assigned.

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Who to entrust SEO audit

In terms of search engines, there is not one ideal site. Behind every resource that occupies a leading position in the search results is a huge and continuous work of a team of specialists.

Professionalism, experience and personal approach to the project are the key characteristics of an IT company that can be trusted by the SEO Audit.

Genesis Group has a sufficient level of skill and the necessary resources to provide a comprehensive SEO analysis service, taking into account all the wishes of the Client. Founded in 2008, to date, the company has implemented hundreds of successful projects, and also has significant authority in the IT services market both in Ukraine and abroad. High-quality service is combined with high speed of work, responsibility and efficiency.

Detailed report after the audit of SEO will contain all the errors found in your site, as well as recommendations for their correction and correction. The cost of the service is calculated individually, but tentatively starts from 600 UAH.

To contact us is very simple: call: (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or write to the email address

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