SEO promotion online store

SEO promotion online store

The success of an online store depends on how fully it meets the needs of potential buyers and search engines. But in order to increase sales, it is not enough to take a position in the TOP search of Google and Yandex. Based on personal experience, we recommend to customers who are interested in SEO promotion of an online store, order a service with a full site analysis, subsequent error correction and testing after the delivery, then the price will be the most profitable. In addition, this will guarantee that the work performed by our specialists will give the expected result.

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Stages of online store promotion

Years of experience of our work allowed us to highlight the main thing in organizing such a stage as SEO promotion of an online store, the price is made up of several factors, but in any case, for each client, we will choose an option that is suitable both in terms of cost and volume of work.

In general, for all clients the scheme is similar and includes three stages:

  1. Audit of the resource, evaluation of the correctness of the modules, correction of possible programming and layout errors, analysis of the SEO status of your site. We define keywords for which potential customers are looking for your product or service and adapt the site to requests. This is one of the main stages, which should include SEO promotion of an online store, it is impossible to order promotion without drawing up a semantic core and website refinement. Here is the elimination of duplicate pages, linking, correction of categories of goods or services, synchronization with 1C.
  2. Website promotion is in progress. This may be the purchase of reference masses, work with satellite sites and the use of social signals. This will allow you to bypass competitors in search engines and attract new customers through additional resources. Social Signals will help you evaluate the activity of social network users regarding your online store.
  3. Hold online store positions, monitor link mass, remove ineffective ones and introduce new links. Expansion of link mass through forums, social networks, directories and so on. It also requires an analysis of competitors and the use of other promotion tools to attract new users.

The success of Genesis depends on the quality of the work performed, so it is beneficial for us that you increase sales through our services, and we will do everything so that the promotion yields results in the form of the influx of new customers.

We take into account all the features of the organization of sales on the Internet and are ready to help every client regardless of the budget. Genesis specialists adhere to an integrated approach that allows you to achieve excellent results.

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SEO promotion online store: price and advantages

Genesis Group specializes in the development of sites of any format. Over the hundreds of successfully completed tasks. Constantly under our control is at least 200 sites. Promotion is carried out taking into account modern requirements of search engines and requests of potential buyers. This is achieved through the competent work of analysts and SEO – specialists.

 The cost of services depends on the volume of tasks, but in any case we will choose an option for each depending on the capabilities. We are a certified partner of Google, Yandex, Facebook, VKontakte, which makes cooperation with us particularly beneficial.

In addition to an individual approach, we offer lucrative bonuses for our customers, and also guarantee that our work will change the volume of your sales for the better. If you still have questions and you need to promote your online store, you can call (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or email us at


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