SEO website promotion

SEO website promotion

With the introduction of new technologies, approaches to business are changing. In place of advertising in the paper version came sites. But it’s not enough to be the owner of the resource and hope that this fact will bring profit and lead new customers. It is important to promote the site, bring it to the first positions of search engines, make it as convenient as possible for visitors. Only then will it give results. To finish this, SEO is done with SEO tools.

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Website promotion: SEO and its features

In order for your resource to be in the first lines of search engines, website promotion and SEO optimization of the resource and content are performed. It is important to take into account not only the features of the search engines, but also the needs of potential visitors. You need to know what your customers or users want to see on your site and make sure that they can find what they are looking for.

It is the website promotion using SEO mechanisms that allows to increase the conversion, that is, the ratio of visitors who performed the action, useful for the company (purchase, order) to the number of all applicants. An important feature of this method is its long duration. SEO tools will work more than one month, and not two.

Optimization is performed according to the following steps:

  1. Technically audited. This is the initial stage to identify all errors and omissions. Checks meta tags, links, modules.
  2. Compilation of semantic core. Based on the characteristics of the activities and the direction of the site is determined by the list of search queries. At the same time, both competitor sites and user requests are taken into account. This allows you to reach the maximum audience.
  3. Website promotion with SEO tools necessarily includes internal optimization. These are the removal of duplicate villages, the linking between articles, the adaptation and optimization of navigation.
  4. Creating internal content with key requests. Texts should be not only interesting, but also fully meet the requests of visitors. It is also important that search engines find them easily, which allows for increased coverage.
  5. Website usability. It is carried out after a full analysis. It gives an opportunity to improve the resource, to make it more user-friendly. Turns off not only the quality of the content, but also the overall design, the health of the modules and even fonts and colors.
  6. External optimization, the purchase of reference mass, its implementation, analysis of the effectiveness and removal of non-working links with replacement by new ones. Also used is an increase in coverage at the expense of social signals.
  7. Ends website promotion SEO mechanisms analytics. It is important to observe how the site behaves after the changes are entered, which tools produce results, and which ones are ineffective.

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Optimization from Genesis Group

The company Genesis Group since 2008 specializes in the development of sites. Our specialists perform website promotion, SEO optimization, increase conversion. Over the years we have accumulated vast experience, which allows us to solve problems of any complexity. Specialists from various fields, designers, analysts, programmers and others are involved in the work. Optimization is performed taking into account modern technologies and features of the search engines. We also take into account the need of potential users, which allows us to achieve high results.

We are a certified partner of Facebook, VKontakte, Google, Yandex. We are ready to give a guarantee on our work and we continue to monitor the site without fail after the optimization has been completed, in order to evaluate its effectiveness and, if necessary, make corrections. If you want to increase the influx of customers and increase your income, call us at (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or email


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