SEO website promotion in Kharkov

SEO website promotion in Kharkov

In order for as many people as possible to get acquainted with your goods and services through an online resource, you need to reach high positions in search engines. Due to this, more potential users will learn about the existence of your store, company or firm. To achieve this, you need SEO promotion, Kharkov and guests of the city can evaluate the effectiveness of optimization by contacting the company Genesis Group.

When site optimization is needed

The basis of optimization is the exit to the first positions of search engines. In other words, your site should be easily found by users for specific requests. But this is only one of the tools that SEO uses for website promotion, Kharkiv and residents of other regions can use the full optimization package, which includes not only content adaptation, but also other effective tools.

Website optimization using key queries is a long-term option. Even after the time has elapsed, it will produce results. The stage includes the following steps:

  • Build a kernel that includes key queries that are appropriate for your direction. It takes into account the quality of content from competitors, and features of requests from users.
  • Adaptation of content for users. It is important that it attracts a potential buyer or user, not only externally but also in content. This reflects the level of the site.
  • Search and elimination of internal site errors. They have a negative impact on the indexing and ranking of villages.
  • External optimization consists in placing links to your site on third-party resources of a similar direction. This significantly increases the flow of visitors.
  • Internal optimization facilitates the use of the site, due to this, the higher the likelihood that the visitor will be delayed on the site.
  • Control of work, analysis of the results obtained, subsequent monitoring.
  • It is important to understand what gives SEO promotion, Kharkiv and guests of the city thanks to this servant can:
  • Promote the site in the long term. This is beneficial from an economic point of view, as the tools of the CEO always work, which is not the case with advertising.
  • Increase the influx of customers and buyers due to the fact that the site will be visible already in the first positions of search engines.

SEO promotion: Kharkiv and regions

The cost and terms of work depend on what will include SEO website promotion, Kharkov and customers from other regions can order:

  • Optimization of a young site.
  • Promotion of online store.
  • Site optimization.
  • Website promotion in search engines.
  • Technical support site.

In the process of optimization, we perform a technical audit of the resource, allowing to identify all errors and omissions, correct them, check the performance of all modules. Next, a semantic core is compiled, content is adapted. Internal and external optimization is performed, site usability is performed, which makes it as convenient as possible, which means it increases the loyalty of the client to the site. Services also include Web analytics, the study of competitors, the search for effective optimization methods and their implementation.

In each case, the cost of services is determined individually. It depends on the subject of the site, the number of requests for promotion, the age of the resource, its features. Of particular importance is the region in which SEO is carried out website promotion, Kharkiv and nearby regions are less competitive than, for example, large cities and the capital.

The company Genesis Group since 2008 specializes in the development and optimization of sites. We are ready to take on a project of any complexity. To do this, you just need to call (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or write to us at


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