SEO website promotion on CMS Wordpress

SEO просування Wordpress

The most commonly used site management platform is CMS WordPress. It is most popular due to maximum convenience. But each platform has its own characteristics, therefore, using the Wordpress engine, SEO promotion should be performed with a certain knowledge.

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SEO promotion in Google: goals and methods

Today, each company or firm has its own website. It is used not only to bring this or that information to users, but also to attract new customers. But for this it is important that the resource is in the first positions of search engines. For this reason, one of the ways to increase the reach of users is SEO promotion of the site in Google and other search engines.

The platform has its pros and cons. Often, optimization is hampered by a large amount of garbage, which should be disposed of by performing SEO promotion of the Wordpress platform:

  • In the footer of the site are often hidden links. They take part of the weight of the resource and interfere with optimization. By performing SEO promotion, Google and Yandex can accept the resource as low-quality due to the large number of hidden links.
  • The platform creates duplicate pages with each comment. This can ruin the resource at the very beginning of development. If you approach competently when working with the Wordpress platform, SEO promotion is now the desired result.
  • Incorrect work with subtitles. Overflowing second-level headings can be a reason for imposing sanctions, so content should be approached with particular care. Without this, SEO promotion in Google and Yandex will not work.

In general, SEO promotion of the Wordpress platform is not much different from working with other engines: resource auditing, searching and correcting errors, optimizing content, purchasing reference masses, expanding coverage with third-party resources and social signals, as well as subsequent analysis of results and monitoring.

Using the Wordpress platform, SEO promotion should begin at the stage of content placement. It is worth considering some of the nuances. For example, when copying text into a visual editor, the engine creates extra codes that will subsequently interfere with optimization. SEO website promotion in Google and Yandex will be more effective if you pay attention to graphic blocks. They should not contain links, as this leads to weight loss.

Only an integrated approach will allow to achieve high results from such a procedure as SEO promotion, Google, Yandex are very demanding and any mistake can adversely affect the position of the resource.

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Benefits of contacting the Genesis Group

The company Genesis Group specializes in the development and optimization of sites since 2008. During this time, several hundreds of successful projects were created and today we continue to manage more than two hundred resources. The team includes experienced professionals, where each performs its task. SEO promotion in Google requires the involvement of designers, analysts, SEO-specialists, copywriters and programmers. Only competent distribution of tasks allows achieving high results in a short time.

We adhere to an individual approach to each client. For us it is important that the optimization and SEO website promotion in Google and Yandex give their results. This raises our status, and allows you to reach a new level of income. Regardless of which platform SEO promotion, Wordpress, Joomla or any other is required, we guarantee a positive result. You can be convinced of this by using our services. To do this, just call (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or email us at


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