SEO website promotion on Joomla

SEO website promotion on Joomla

To create a website using certain platforms. Each has its own characteristics. For example, SEO website promotion on Joomla is not very different from others, but in this case, experience with the engine comes to the fore, and after that the adaptation of the design, content, site usability and other tools of promotion.

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SEO promotion: Joomla and platform features

Immediately, we note that this engine has no limitations for promotion. It is best suited for small sites, business cards, and for large online stores. To achieve success, you need to use standard CMS tools and consistently perform all steps.

SEO website promotion on Joomla will produce results only if all conditions are met. How the search pages react to your site depends not only on the availability of key requests, but also on other factors. For example, on the Joomla platform, the addresses of the new pages are displayed with a large number of variables. This format is not very convenient for search engines and makes indexing difficult. In addition, users of this format will also be inconvenient.

Another difficulty that often accompanies SEO promotion: Joomla often duplicates pages. At the same time, if you perform the optimization correctly, this can be avoided. Therefore, working with SEO is recommended to trust experienced professionals.

These are prominent features of the platform that should be considered. Optimization for large projects that are not peculiar to the engine, for example for online stores, will be more difficult. But knowledge of the subtleties and experience will help to achieve excellent results.

In general, the optimization includes the following steps:

  • Audit, search for errors and duplicates, assessment of the state of SEO at the time of contacting specialists. At the same stage, together with the client, goals are determined, key inquiries are based on the target audience, and after that the adaptation is carried out.
  • Next, the purchase of reference masses, promotion through third-party resources, the study of competitors and the use of mechanisms to bypass them in search engines.
  • Monitoring changes, analyzing results, correcting errors, removing ineffective links and introducing new ones.

No matter how correctly SEO promotion is done, Joomla, WordPress and other platforms have their own characteristics and if they are not taken into account, there will be no result. This is the main reason that the optimization needs to be trusted by experienced professionals.

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Optimization from Genesis Group

The company Genesis Group specializes in the development and optimization of sites, regardless of their form and complexity. Over the years of its existence, we have completed several hundred successful projects and continue to supervise about two hundred sites, constantly monitoring their effectiveness.

The experience of specialists allows working with sites on any platforms. We know exactly what the search engines want to see and how it will be more convenient for your users. Therefore, we use an individual approach.

SEO website promotion on Joomla is technically not much different from working with other platforms, but has its own characteristics. We know how to make the resource work correctly, even if third-party extensions that are not inherent in the engine are used. We will perform a complete analysis, find and eliminate all possible errors, study competitors and do everything so that your website can bypass them.

Full immersion in the problem and careful study of methods for solving it always gives positive results. You can verify this by entrusting us with your site. All you need to do is call (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33. You can also email us at


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