What is contextual advertising in Google?

Contextual advertising in Google

Having created a website, you need to wait a long time until it becomes visible to Google users. If you do not take any recommendations from the search engine optimization site, it will remain in an invisible state. Contextual advertising in Google allows you to bypass the time factor and immediately take the top place in the search, regardless of whether the project is optimized or not. You need to pay for such a place under the sun, having previously configured the format:

  • pay per click,
  • for conversion (order of service, purchase of goods),
  • for shows.

Depending on the method of payment will vary the rate. Payment for ad impressions is the lowest, for conversion - the highest. Depending on the type of site (online store, landing, corporate, showcase, portal) choose a certain contextual advertising Google.

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To start appearing at the top of a search using ads, you need to create a company in the Google Ads application, set up ads with the desired type of payment and top up the balance. To do everything on your own without any experience is quite realistic, but it is likely that everything will end in losses.

If you have already understood and most likely checked in practice that amateur activity does not lead to anything good, you shouldn’t “put an end to” on Google contextual advertising. Contact Genesis IT Company and after a month of our work you will see that it is very profitable!

What to choose - advertising or SEO-promotion?

Contextual advertising in Google is usually connected at the beginning of the launch site. They are engaged in promotion in parallel, starting with small expenses in time and money. Only such a strategy is the most effective!

As an instructive example, here’s one story:

Once upon a time there were two Internet businessmen with the same cash position and each had an online store selling equipment for swimming pools. Our heroes have recently opened them for indexing search engines. One SEO specialist fanatic, another good contextologist and manager. In the first month, the SEO analyzed and collected all the necessary data, while the contextologist has already received the first small profit from Google contextual advertising. In the second month, SEO has greatly increased costs: I started purchasing links, working on internal optimizations, plugging in copywriting - I did everything gradually and correctly, because the CEO does not like to rush. Contextologist managed to get a triple profit, increased the number of ads, expanded the range of products, adjusted the work with new suppliers. For the third month, the SEO man achieved that his online store moved from zero point on promoted requests, but all did not have profit, but expenses grew, nevertheless, he devoted all his time to the CEO and believed that he would soon be swimming in money. The contextologist has optimized his advertising and now, with minimal expenses, he received a tremendous return; Seeing such good results, the contextologist took a chance and invested all of his profits + the loan taken into his own by importing products of interest. On the fourth month, when the SEO has already started to appear somewhere in the TOP-10 and expect the first good sales, the unpredictable happens - the only supplier for it has closed the wholesale. The pages that hit the top of the search became useless, as there was a product on them that could not be taken; there was no money, no desire for new movements. The contextologist quickly reformatted ads for his own marketable products and began to earn better than before!

Conclusion from this story: seeing the unfortunate experience of the SEO manager, it’s not necessary to assume that pushing a candle is not suitable for contextual advertising (even as it is suitable), our hero just needed to do everything on time - immediately take care of making a profit, think about improving and insuring the business, and not hitting the fanatically of the CEO alone.

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How much is contextual advertising on Google?

Price for displaying ads will strongly depend on the type of advertised services / products. The total budget is also affected by the number and format of these ads - targeting, advertising in search or on thematic sites. The minimum budget in Genesis for setting up and launching of the Republic of Kazakhstan is from 4000 UAH; figure can reach 100,000 UAH. Most of the budget goes directly to the Google search engine, and we, in turn, are doing everything necessary to attract target customers, who will pay back all expenses at times.

Genesis’s proven approach to advertising on Google and other channels over the years works exclusively to achieve profit for our Clients. To order the calculation of advertising on our formula, call right now:

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Or send your request through the feedback form. A personal meeting is possible in the office, where our specialists will be ready to talk with you over a cup of coffee or flavored tea. Call and come, we are waiting for you!


Order service

Advertising management fee 15% of the budget strong>, but not less than 4000 UAH\month, 10% of the budget strong>, but not less than 10,000 UAH\month, 8% of the budget , but not less than 27,000 UAH\month,
Advertising budget with a budget of up to 45,000 UAH for advertising per month with a budget from 45001 UAH to 300000 UAH for advertising per month with a budget of 300001 UAH for advertising per month
Promotional gift +2000 UAH
(in account currency)
Site audit and setting up an
advertising account
Customize Google
Analytics, Goals and
Advertising account management
Optimization of the list of
key phrases
Optimization of banner and
media advertising
Optimization of bids and cost-per-click
Creation and maintenance
of dynamic campaigns,
remarketing campaigns
Creation and maintenance of product campaigns
Installing the necessary
codes and tools on the
Creating new campaigns,
searching for new
Selection of placements in
in the network of Google partners and
mobile applications
Campaign management
and remarketing separately
for each audience
Continuous monitoring
of site availability
YouTube Advertising
Optimization of target
pages of a site (SEO)
by Google's rules
Enhanced protection
against climbs
and competitors
Scaling up advertising
to other countries
Localization of advertising
and messages in the
required language
Development of a unique
product offer,
stock, discounts
Partial transition to
payment for the result of
the total of 6 months of advertising
  1. The required number
    of hits immediately after the test period
  2. Fast and economical
  1. 2-5 times increase
    in number of downloads
  2. Lead growth dynamics
    + 10-20% monthly
  3. Increase in conversion
    rate of sales to sales up to 5-12%
  4. Budget savings on
    promotion from 15% to 35%
  5. 1.5 times cheaper than
    your specialist
    on a bet
  6. There is an opportunity
    to optimize taxes
  1. TOP 1 in search
  2. Increase in the number
    of hits in 8-10
    and more times
  3. Lead growth dynamics
    + 15-30% monthly
  4. Increase in conversion
    rate of sales to
    sales up to 12-30%
  5. Reducing the cost of
    contact for 20-80%
  6. Budget savings on
    promotion from 25% to 60%
  7. Comprehensive
    accompanying advertising
    marketing campaigns
  8. 2.5 times cheaper than
    content of your
    department marketing
  9. There is an opportunity
    to optimize taxes
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Bonus 2000 UAH on advertising from Google when ordering ads before the end of this week!


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