Website development

Website development

The Internet network is increasingly replacing print publications. Few people read newspapers on paper, rarely order booklets and advertisements, but more and more often, people look to the Internet looking for the right information. Online, you can consult with experts, purchase almost any product, make a deal and even find a job. All this explains the high demand for such a service as website development.

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Why do you need website development

The company Genesis Group has specialized in creating websites since 2008. Behind shoulders hundreds of clients satisfied with our work. We managed to accumulate a lot of experience and know exactly how to attract a client. Website development in our company has many advantages:

  1. We have a clear distribution of tasks, where each specialist understands the specifics of his work and performs it as efficiently as possible.
  2. Website development requires the involvement of several specialists, including programmers, analysts, designers, copywriters. This reduces the time of order execution and improves its quality.
  3. We do not use templates, we do not have a price list for specific services. Website development includes only an individual approach to each client.
  4. We provide a guarantee for our work and we understand that the client will be ready to pay for the service, only being confident in the result.

Website development necessarily includes an assessment of the activities and the study of competitors. We understand that the result depends on the first impression of the site. According to statistics, 10 seconds is enough to figure out whether to stay on the site or not. If you managed to attract a client in the first stage, then it is important to provide him with all the information that he is looking for, which means that he will correctly select text and graphic blocks. In other words, whether the development of web-sites gives results depends on usability, design and completeness of information on it.

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Stages of work

A prerequisite is analytics. It is important to understand what the client wants to see on the site, how to keep him and motivate him to make a purchase or order a service. Thus, the development of a website includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of activities, discussion with the client of the form of the site, its direction, development goals.
  • Preparation of technical specifications, the distribution of tasks between specialists.
  • Creating a page layout, coordination with the client, refinement. After that, internal pages are created and also agreed with the customer.
  • Layout and programming. The stage is long, but it depends on it how fast the site will work, how correctly the pages will open.
  • Filling text and graphic blocks. They must meet the needs of the client and be unique, as well as understandable for ordinary visitors.
  • Site launch with subsequent testing.
  • Promotion of search engines in the TOP, placement of information on thematic platforms, directories and so on.

If necessary, you can make separate sections for customers and partners with important information for these groups.

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Where to order a service

The company Genesis Group is engaged in the development and promotion of sites of any complexity. We started our activity in 2008. During this time we have helped hundreds of customers and continue to promote several hundred sites. Using a service such as website development, you get the following:

  1. Powerful platform.
  2. Maximum usability.
  3. 100% protection.
  4. Unique filling.
  5. Individually designed design.

For each client, website development has its own peculiarities depending on the form and goals. From these same indicators will depend on the price of the service.


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