Website development - business cards

Website development - business cards

Modern rhythm of life makes change approach in the search for new customers. There is no longer a demand for newspapers, postcards, and other printed publications. In their place came the sites. Their variety allows you to choose the best option for each client, depending on their needs and the specifics of the activity, whether it is the development of a business card site or corporate options.

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Why do you need your own address

Any activity requires the involvement of customers or partners. The largest audience coverage is on the Internet. Having your own address of any format, you can not only express yourself, but also attract customers, and thus increase revenue. Depending on the goals and specifics of the activity, different forms are used:

Website development business cards

This is the easiest option at an affordable cost. It is best suited for those who are just starting their activities, as it allows them to declare themselves to a large number of potential customers. The goal is to provide important information about the client, his activities, the benefits of working with him. In the event that the development of a business card site is ordered, the design and usability is put in the first place.

Website development online store

The option is suitable for absolutely everyone who conducts any trading activity. This may be promotional pens and notebooks or luxury cars and apartments. Most often it is the development of an online store site that allows you to attract the largest number of buyers.

The main advantages are that such a store is available 24 hours a day, without weekends and holidays. In other words, if you care about users and want them to choose a product at any time, day or night, you need to develop an online store site.

Corporate website development

With this tool you can improve your level in the eyes of customers and partners. Here you will find all the necessary information about the company's activities and products or services. If necessary, the development of corporate sites includes the creation of closed sections for certain categories: partners, customers, suppliers.

The development of a corporate website necessarily includes an analysis of activities, goals, and audience, the attention of which should be attracted. Only a careful study of all the information will allow you to create a page that gives results in the form of an influx of partners, customers and profits.

Landing page development

If you care about customer opinions, you want to know more about who your potential buyers and partners are, the best option would be to create a Landing page. This brief presentation of only the most important and attractive information about a product or service. If she is interested in the buyer, he goes to the target address.

Development of a travel site

One of the most beautiful and creative options. Here it is important to submit information so that the user has the desire to make a call. The development of the travel site includes the selection of unique photographs that should attract customers. Text blocks are also important, and the information should be not only beautifully presented, but also reliably presented. Only then the development of the tourist site will increase the flow of customers.

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Stages of creation

The workflow is very complex, whether it is the development of corporate sites or business cards. In each case, a streamlined algorithm works:

  1. Setting goals, analysis. Only a clearly defined task will help achieve the desired result. At this stage, special knowledge is given to the work of the analyst, who, together with the customer, must determine what should eventually come out.
  2. Planning. This process can be carried out both by the customer and the performer. In the latter case, it is necessarily agreed with the client. This will help to eliminate wrong steps.
  3. Formation of the layout. The designer of the analysis creates the best option. This process is purely individual, so the work created by the Genesis Group is always unique in appearance.
  4. Programming and layout. This process is complex and lengthy and is performed by experienced programmers, taking into account the wishes of the client.
  5. Filling. It completely depends on which format the client has chosen. The development of comparative sites includes placing information not only about the product or service, but also about the company as a whole, while the online store focuses more on the range of goods and functionality.
  6. Site launch and testing. Particular attention is paid to the work of the modules, the correctness of the links and the correctness of the display of graphic blocks.
  7. Development and promotion. In order for the information to be seen by a greater number of people, it is necessary to raise it in the TOP of the search engines, register it on reference sites, and so on.


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