Website development by key

Website development by key

Modern man spends a lot of time on the Internet. Home computers are replaced by smartphones and tablets, which are always with you. This factor can be turned by every business owner. It is enough just to present information about yourself and your activities on the Internet. This is the main reason why the popularity of such services as website development is growing, Ukraine has long been among those who use this tool to attract customers and increase revenue.

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Turnkey website development and its stages

The process of creating your own page in the Internet space is very complicated. Here programmers, designers, copywriters, analysts, and other specialists are involved. The work includes several stages, the result of which depends on the correct implementation:

  1. Setting goals and objectives. At the same stage, an analysis of activities is performed. The work is negotiated with the customer, the analysis of competitors is carried out, the form is determined. Already at this stage, it will be possible to decide on how much the development of sites will cost, Ukraine, as well as residents of other countries, can choose both an affordable business card site and a functional online store or corporate option.
  2. Definition of technical specifications. This process can also be carried out by the customer himself, but it is better to entrust it to a professional who will take into account the requirements that graphic and text blocks must meet in order for them to be interesting not only for visitors but also for search engines. Also includes requirements for design, modules, the availability of a mobile version, the structure as a whole, and so on. Despite the large package of services, experts are developing the site cheaply due to favorable conditions for the client.
  3. Creating a layout. First of all, designers create a page layout and coordinate it with the client, after making the changes, internal pages are developed taking into account the wishes, for example, if there is a mobile version.
  4. The technical part, including layout and programming. It depends on how quickly the pages load, whether graphic blocks are displayed correctly, as well as the adaptability for different browsers.
  5. Filling text and graphic blocks. If you are developing a turnkey website, then the texts and photos are placed in the specified amount. When using online stores after handing over the work, the client will add new positions by himself or by separate agreement. Website development can also be carried out inexpensively when text blocks and graphics are provided by the client.
  6. Run, add to search engines, create maps. Experts perform analytics, testing and subsequent correction. In the event that a turnkey website development is carried out, the work includes the development and promotion of the network, placement on reference and other sites.

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The company Genesis Group offers the development of turnkey websites for customers with activities of any direction. We have been working since 2008 and we know exactly how to create a website so that it attracts the maximum number of customers and partners, increasing the level of customer income. Our specialists are developing the site inexpensively, but with the highest quality and in accordance with the requirements of the client.

The staff includes experienced professionals, where everyone performs their work: design development, programming, content creation, analysis of competitors' activities. All this allows to significantly improve the quality of the final result.

Using this service, just the development of sites, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, that is, customers of any country will be able to learn about you. This will bring the activity to a new level and with new incomes.


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