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Web site promotion in the search engines (SEO) - one of the most profitable ways to attract the target audience on the Internet. The higher the position of the site on the key queries of potential customers in the search for Google or Yandex, the more noticeable the resource and the probability of selling goods and services hundreds of times. According to statistics, 80% of users go to sites only the first page of Google, Yandex or another search engine. Consequently, the task of developing any site is to hit the TOP-10 results on key searches of users of the search system.

However, the technical condition of the site must meet all the requirements of search engines. Conducting professional website promotion is a reliable guarantee of creating an optimized resource and increasing its position in Google, Yandex, Yahoo and other search engines. But, like any narrow-profile service, it is quite complex and multifaceted, so you can entrust the improvement of your website only to trusted professionals.

Professional website promotion

The ultimate goal of search engine optimization of a web resource is to generate revenue by attracting potential customers from the Internet, searching for the information they need. More than 80% search for information only on the first page of the SERP, about 18% go to the second page, and only 2% of all users are ready to search for the necessary information, service, or product on the third page of the search, and more than 95% do not look below the first screen. Hence the conclusion - your web resources must be at least in the TOP-10, and better - in the TOP-5 and TOP-3 of the search engines.

A long and painstaking process of website promotion, which includes a wide range of activities for internal and external SEO optimization, as well as promotion in the search engines, provides a stable and profitable result. Efficiency and maximum return are far from all the benefits of search engine promotion. Unlike some other Internet marketing tools, in the financial plan SEO SEO is a less expensive service than banner advertising or sometimes even contextual advertising.

The stability of the obtained result is achieved by working with all the factors that influence the growth of the site's positions in the search result (site optimization, mobile version optimization, reference mass purchase, integration with social networks, satellite sites and other mechanisms).

Sample website promotion plan:

• development of a clear marketing strategy;
• Drawing up the semantic core, which is characteristic of your sphere of business;
• Complete SEO optimization of the resource;
• search and correction of errors in the operation of the control system, technical adjustment;
• creation and optimization of landing pages to attract the target audience;
• Content analysis and SEO writing;
• study of the competitive segment;
• Increase conversions;
• building up the natural reference mass;
• optimization for social networks and placement of buttons for quick navigation.

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Promotion of the site: prices and the choice of the performer

Without a doubt, a team of specialists who will be entrusted with responsible work to promote the site must have considerable experience and all the necessary resources for coordinated work.

Genesis Group is a recognized leader in the IT services market, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Given the dependence on many factors, the effect of different filtering algorithms, the level of competition, the prices for website promotion are calculated individually. However, we do not work with budgets below $ 250 per month: a lower level of payment for promotion does not allow us to cover a sufficient number of tools for website promotion, and, therefore, ineffective. That's why we are committed to the promotion of the site only at the specified minimum level of promotion cost.

If you would like to order a website promotion in a professional IT company, call us right now: (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or write to e-mail, via the feedback form connection or chat. We are waiting for your order!

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