Website promotion - how to get into TOP-10

Professional website promotion in TOP-10 Google and Yandex - one of the most effective tools, which will multiply increase sales of goods and services.

The most common problem of all Internet resources are low positions on users' requests for natural extradition of Google, Yandex, Yahoo and other search engines. More than 80% of users of search engines go to sites that are only on the first page. Therefore, the promotion of the site in TOP-10 for key phrases of potential customers is the most important task for any business.

The goals that pursue the professional promotion of sites in the TOP-10 are as follows:

• Improve visibility on search queries of potential customers - get into TOP-10 (on the first page in search results).
• Get the maximum number of conversions (useful for your business user actions) from finding the top 10 Google, Yandex and other search engines - calls, applications, orders, registrations, purchases on the site and the like.
• Generate secondary sales.
• Generate sales in the long term - for example, sales of real estate, cars, banking services, large and small household appliances.
• Knock out competitors' resources from the search result.

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Before you start the promotion of the site you need to carefully analyze the current state of affairs, namely - to make a comprehensive audit. It will show the quality of the work, identify mistakes, shortcomings in the functioning of the resource and help to rationally distribute the budget for all stages of promotion.

Then the site promotion specialist proceeds to the main steps of implementing the planned program of actions:

• Compilation of a semantic kernel - a list of key queries (words and phrases) that will be embedded in the text sections of the site. Qualitative semantic core will help to form the correct structure of the site, corresponding to the users' requests, and to fulfill all the points of the promotion program;
• Elimination of technical problems (inevitably occur in 90% of cases);
• Website optimization - speeding up work, improving visibility for potential customers, mobile device users (includes markup of texts, pages - meta tags, prescribing AMP micro-markup for mobile devices, creating a site map, setting statistics, tracking conversions, etc.);
• Careful work on usability (user-friendliness). If within 4-5 seconds the potential buyer does not understand where he is and what to do next, with a high probability he will close the site and go to the competitors;
• Working with texts and photos. All texts and photos should be original, copying from other resources is forbidden, for each key request of the client - its own text. If the texts do not meet these requirements - they must be rewritten (unique content is carried out);
• Procurement of links to the site on other resources, sites, portals, behavioral factors;
• Registration in Google and Yandex maps, as well as major thematic directories and directories;
• Creation of a network of satellite sites;
• Other works to bring the site to TOP-10 for key queries.

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Since 2008 Genesis Group has been one of the leading IT companies in Ukraine. The team of professionals constantly improves their level of knowledge, introduces new progressive and unique services, and also provides effective work and results for their clients.

To order a website promotion in Genesis Group means to get the maximum result in a short time. For each project, an optimal set of tools is used to achieve the result. The price policy for website promotion is flexible enough.

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