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What should be the content on the site? Undoubtedly, literate, interesting, readable, understandable to any visitor, but most importantly - it must be unique. Writing articles for the site is an integral, time-consuming and responsible step in the creation of a web resource, its development or promotion. The process of creating unique texts encompasses both a creative and a technical approach.

Any textual part, be it an article, news, press release, advertising information, must follow the strict requirements for the correct entry of key phrases. Therefore, writing articles for the site should be given special attention. It must be based on certain rules, which the author should be aware of, performing this work.

Uniqueness of content

Search engines do not perceive the content of the site with a low uniqueness. Even trying diligently to promote your resource in the TOP, you run the risk of getting lost among the "plagiarists". And this is another awesome reason to reflect on the content.

Writing articles for the site, if you mean the author's content, is divided into copywriting and rewriting. In the first case, the article is written from scratch, only based on the necessary phrases and word combinations from the semantic kernel; in the second case, the finished text is qualitatively reworked, with the preservation of the sense and structure, but in completely different words.

Despite the type of creation process, the text is considered usable if it has passed the uniqueness check.

Experts admit a percentage of uniqueness within 70-90%, but experienced copywriters always perform the task 100%. The easiest and quickest way to analyze the text is to use special online programs or services.

Articles to order

The uniqueness and originality of an article should in no way affect its meaning and quality. Dry, incomprehensible, gaudy with meaningless phrases or, even worse, an error-containing text, will undoubtedly alienate its reader and make you think about the competence of the resource in general.

The content of the site instantly forms in the head of the potential client a personal opinion about you and your business. To prevent the decline of the brand's reputation, the Genesis Group web studio will take the path of development. Having ten years of experience in providing IT services, experienced specialists of the company know exactly what is needed for the correct writing of articles for websites.

Ordering the creation of content from the Genesis Group, you are guaranteed to receive texts:

• Competently structured;
• Optimal volume;
• With minimal "nausea" and "water";
• Those of interest;
• Easy to perceive;
• Optimized for search engines.

Estimated cost of services:

• Writing news - from 70 UAH / 500 symbols
• Writing articles - from 140 UAH / 1000 symbols
• Rewriting - from 40 UAH / 1000 characters
• Site verification for uniqueness - from 800 UAH

For more detailed information, please, contact us by phone (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33 or write to the email address info@genesis.org.ua.

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